LEED Platinum

Adding value to your build is beneficial to you and the employees/tenants; LEED Platinum builds are not only important to our environment, they’re important to our communities. Saving money, space, and land, LEED Platinum builds are the most effective way to build.

Beecher Development Services has built LEED Platinum buildings for large companies. One of the most notable projects was a LEED Platinum building in Lakewood, CO, where Beecher added value in numerous ways by knowing how each system would affect another. Beecher understands the effects of systems and how they work together to become the most effective system.

For example, during this build, Beecher was asked to assess a premium for the property, particularly because flooring was raised; however, Beecher explained that there really wasn’t a premium when you looked at the overall system.

Because the floors are raised, and the ceiling HVAC ducts are not there, space is gained by saving 2 feet for every floor (three floors in this case), which means there is less material used. Using less material meant it was a lighter building and didn’t need as much foundational support, which kept the contractors from having to reach ground water and avoided contamination issues, as well as reduced the cost of the overall build.

Beecher prides themselves on finding the best value for your project and the most effective way get you up and running timely and efficiently.

ProjectLEED Platinum
LocationLakewood, Colorado