Signature Centre - Storm Water

Mitigating water runoff for a large space is important to the safety of our communities. Retention or detention ponds are essential for capturing storm water to reduce/prevent flooding damage.

Beecher is well-known for thinking outside the box when it comes to solutions and adding value to your project. That’s why when faced with a dilemma building the Signature Centre, they were able to come up with an easy, value-adding, cost-saving solution.

A retention pond was needed for the site of the Signature Centre at Denver West; however, this would be costly (approximately $500,000), reduce the parking significantly, and impact the amount of green space surrounding the building.

Beecher researched and assessed the surrounding areas of Denver West and discovered a regional retention pond that was equipped for a much larger space than it was being used for. Beecher suggested that the Signature Centre at Denver West consider adding an outlet structure, which would divert any storm water to the existing retention pond. The team for the Signature Center at Denver West agreed that this was the right solution, saving them $495,000, as the project cost was only $5,000.

Beecher understands the importance of adding value to the company and the land. By finding a better solution to a very impactful issue, they saved money and green space, and added value to the project.

ProjectSignature Centre
LocationLakewood, Colorado
Owner/ClientSignature Centre at Denver West