Commercial Office

Since 2009, Beecher Development Services has delivered over a million square feet of commercial office space for the Colorado real estate industry. Whether landlord or tenant, speculative developer or end user, Beecher has expertise in construction projects from ground-up to tenant finish to renovation.

Beecher is known for completing some of the highest quality and recognizable projects in the Colorado Front Range region. Whether it is a Class-A office or LEED-Platinum build, Beecher has the knowledge and expertise to understand and execute on the value that is unique to you and your project.

Every element of your project is managed efficiently, from site analysis, to hiring the building engineer, to understanding your proforma, to reviewing tenant work letters and lease terms. Beecher can also help you create corporate standards, so every build you have within your corporation runs through the same process, efficiently and flawlessly.

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