The Citadel

One of the most complex undertakings is a mixed-use horizontal development build. When Northstar Commercial Partners wanted to build The Citadel, Beecher made the process easy.

Beecher is a local company that understands the land and community. Starting with land negotiation to get the best value, Beecher can locate and acquire the best value to you.

A 30-acre lot to be utilized as a mixed-use plot, including residential, retail, and office space, was acquired for The Citadel project. Once the lot was obtained, Beecher presented the scope of the project and acted as manager to contractors. But Beecher knew there was more value to be added to the project.

Beecher wanted to help Northstar Commercial Partners realize the full potential of the land and community. They offered advice about how the businesses and residential areas would work together, and they worked with community planners to add maximum value. For example, Beecher assisted in competition evaluations to ensure every aspect of the project was working cohesively and would attract the targeted audience. A walking trail throughout the area was also included to make The Citadel attractive to all.

With a large project, there are typically challenges that come along with it; because The Citadel is positioned on a flood plain, Beecher ensured there was an adequate drainage ditch to prevent flooding from storm water.

Well underway, Beecher is helping control costs and developing an exit strategy for Northstar Commercial Partners.

ProjectThe Citadel
LocationAurora, Colorado
Owner/ClientNorthstar Commercial Partners
Size30 acres including Residential, Retail, Hotel and Office
Cost$12M Construction Cost
CompletionScheduled for completion in 2019