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 My dad passed away recently. I’m not one to write about personal matters on social media or post them on the internet, especially on a professional forum such as LinkedIn. Nor am I looking for sympathy or condolences. Hopefully, each of us follows our passion as a career, and at some point in our lives...
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Some of the major aspects of our daily/business life, that we have lost in a post-COVID world, are the social interactions that take place in the office. One of the little recognized benefits of going to the office are the  informal “therapy” sessions we share with friend and colleagues. For a lot of people, going...
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Isaac Newton’s first law of motion states that—unless the body is acted upon by some force—a body in motion tends to remain in motion and a body at rest tends to remain at rest. As we struggle to regain the societal, communal and business normalcy we enjoyed pre-COVID I observe Newton’s first law of motion...
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