Terumo BCT/CaridianBCT


As a long-time corporation/manufacturing company in Lakewood, CO, when Terumo BCT (formerly CaridianBCT) was hit by not one, but two hailstorms only 7 years apart, Beecher knew the importance of getting them back on their feet, while allowing 24/7 manufacturing to still occur.

In July 2009, Terumo BCT was in mother nature’s path, which produced a storm with large hail and high winds, causing nearly $850M in damage to the city. And again, in May 2017, when Terumo BCT was hit with even more damage, this one costing the city $1.4B, Beecher was there to help Terumo BCT get back on their feet.

As a medical device manufacturing company, Terumo BCT needed a company they could trust to be efficient, keep the facility working in full production, and adhere to strict cleanliness regulations. Beecher used Terumo BCT’s continuity plan to help all this occur. In both instances, they were able to complete the extensive damage in less than 2 years, focusing first on the most impacted areas that might threaten production.

Other key aspects to keeping a 24/7 manufacturing and a corporate office establishment running is ensuring all safety regulations are in place and noise is mitigated. Beecher’s team needed to adhere to strict regulations to reduce any impact to day-to-day business, including noise and cleanliness to ensure a quiet and sterile environment.

After a total of $9.1M of disaster recovery was complete, Terumo BCT is still manufacturing 24/7, and did so throughout the duration of Beecher’s process.


Beecher is interested in finding the most value for your property, so when a solar program presented itself for Terumo BCT, Beecher helped install solar on the two large main manufacturing buildings of the Terumo BCT campus.

This initiative afforded a credit to Terumo BCT of $250,000.

ProjectTerumo BCT/CaridianBCT
LocationLakewood, Colorado
Owner/ClientTerumo Corporation
Size650,000 SF
Cost$2.1M Construction Cost 2009 - 2010 $7M Construction Cost 2017 – 2019
CompletionAugust 2009 - November 2010 September 2017 - 2019