Beecher’s expertise in retail construction—small businesses and franchises—spans the Front Range. Beecher knows that construction consistency, brand elements, and best value to you are important, but there are challenges, such as landlord restrictions, unforeseen building limitations, and franchise requirements. Beecher’s expertise in retail construction helps plan for these types of complications.

Whether a franchise or a mom-and-pop shop in a new building or an in- building store, you can rely on Beecher to assess the site for the best value to you, including finding a location that works best for your desired lease rate.

Franchise construction can be tricky. Based on regulations by the franchise, sometimes landlord-run buildings can have limitations, but Beecher is well versed in considering and maneuvering around these complications. With Beecher’s ability to see potential issues and with his industry connections, your timeline has less risk of being delayed.

Retail Clients
Bravo Café
European Wax Center – Multiple Locations
The Green Shirt – Multiple Locations